About Us

Bella Rosas Events LLC is a female-owned small business located in Camarillo, California. We believe in making beautiful, quality products that add that extra touch to your special day.

Our owner, Angela, began her "maker" career back in 2015 right after she had her second child. The need to still work to help support family finances existed but the want to be with her small children was greater. She started with Ladada Designs LLC which specializes in party product decorations. Bella Rosas Events is her newest adventure as she found herself designing more and more party printables, welcome signs, invitations, etc. and decided to jump in and create a business that focused more on the digital print aspect of weddings and large milestone events. 

Through the years and because of her love for over the top parties, Angela has also acquired a large collection of party products.  Some of these items are for rent for our local Ventura County, CA customers and can be found under our "Rentals" tab. 

We hope you find something you love at Bella Rosas Events and look forward to adding to the overall look and feel of your special day with one of our products!